Marriage's Strong Stoneground Wholemeal Bread flour

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WH Marriage's Strong Wholemeal flour has been stoneground using traditional French Burr stones. Ideal for wholemeal bread and rolls, sourdough and bread makers.

For a summary of the nutritional information, see the full description.

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Recipes and Guides

Easy No-Knead Golden Linseed Bread Recipe

Easy No-Knead Golden Linseed Bread Recipe
A delicious quick and utterly simple bread loaf to make, full of delicious linseed with a touch of honey, a super straightforward recipe we hope you’ll enjoy all summer long. We’ve been making it here for a few weeks and we think it’s our new house favourite. No kneading, no shaping, no stretching. Just mix in a bowl, spoon it into the tin, leave to rise then bake. We snip the ... Read more

Beef, Ale & Mushroom Pie - a Pub Classic

Beef, Ale & Mushroom Pie - a Pub Classic
A classic pub-style hot meat pie, with chunks of beef and mushroom in an ale-rich pan gravy. The beef for the filling is tossed with a dry mix of spices, brown sugar, sliced onion and wholemeal flour, which holds all the rich juice from the meat as it cooks. Really important to bake it at a low temperature in a sealed container: my way is to wrap it in a non-stick paper, then in foil tightly, ... Read more
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