There are several ways we can help the relief effort to support the Ukrainians who are fleeing the war in their country, as well as those staying at home to defend it. We also need to remember the many Ukrainian people working to bake and provide food for their communities, keeping everyday supplies flowing, even while missiles are firing above them...

At BakeryBits, we’ve worked with companies in the Ukraine that have helped us to help you with your baking, so now is the time we must respond and support their needs.

Official Charity Relief Pages

The Ukranian Red Cross

Because of security restrictions at the border, the Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS) working together with Britain’s Red Cross are perhaps better placed to provide food, water, first aid & medicines, warm clothes and shelter to those in need, a need which will grow as the situation will worsen.

British Red Cross

You can donate money to the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal, which will be used with the URCS (see above) to help those displaced and injured during the war.

Médecins Sans Frontières

Our baker David Atherton, who has worked as a nurse on VSO International relief efforts has seen first-hand the work of the French-based Médecins Sans Frontières and says they are the relief workers he would always support “after seeing how utterly dedicated they are in times of conflict, on the ground when people need the most support”. They write “In Ukraine, MSF teams have distributed war-wounded kits in Mariupol. We have also provided telemedicine training for trauma care for 30 surgeons from eastern Ukraine. Our emergency teams have arrived at the Polish-Ukrainian border and are currently trying to get essential staff and supplies into Ukraine and set up emergency response activities across both sides of the border.”

You can fundraise with your friends

Using the hashtag #cookforukraine when you post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter helps people to see that you appreciate the culture and traditions that the Ukrainian people are fighting to protect, and can publicise something you do, getting friends to donate to either  the #cookforukraine fundraiser for UNICEF here, or to direct them to one of the charities listed above.