Pocket Scale JZ115 (115g x 0.01g)

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Micro scales weighing 0-115g in 0.01g increments, the JZ115 measures 8.8x6x2cm and is ideal for those needing to measure very small quantities such as salt or dried yeast.
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Recipe: Wholemeal Spelt (Farro Integrale) Sourdough

Recipe: Wholemeal Spelt (Farro Integrale) Sourdough
We’re a big fan of Italy’s legendary Mulino Marino flour mill and their excellent Organic Farro Integrale (Wholemeal Spelt) Flour. Packed with flavour, a beautiful honey colour to the crust and crumb, and easy to use if you follow a few tips here. The secret to getting a light 100% spelt or wholewheat loaf is somewhat connected to watching your expectations and not treating it exactly ... Read more