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Welsh Baking Stone or Griddle

Welsh Baking Stone made from steel for baking, griddling and barbecues. Use it to bake pizzas and bread in your oven, or crumpets on your hob, or sear steaks on your barbecue.

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The Welsh Baking Stone, is made to our specifications is (32cm across the non-handle diameter and 35cm across the handled diameter) is 6mm thick, weighs 3.9kg and is made from steel. They are marvellous for Welsh cakes (naturally), baking and griddling. Use it in your oven for breads, flat breads such as pittas and pizzas, or on your hob to make a griddle for flat breads, crumpets, English muffins, potato cakes, or on your barbecue.

The very versatile stone when made, is covered with an easy-to-remove black paint to protect it. When you receive yours, the stone should be scoured under a running tap (which takes about 2 minutes) to remove the paint completely; then dried and then lightly coated in vegetable oil (nothing too thick) before being baked in the oven for the oil to season the stone. Once done, your stone is ready to use. It is suitable for use on all hobs including induction.

The Welsh Baking Stone is sent with our instruction sheet. Why not try Vanessa's pizza recipe or her flatbreads, both using the stone?