GI Metal Stainless Pizza and Bread Baking Steel (40x35cm)

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The beautifully made stainless steel pizza and bread baking steel from GI Metal. Weighing in at 4.2kg and measuring 40x35cm and  4mm thick, the steel (often known as a "stone") is the ideal device for baking your pizzas and bread at home in your electric or gas oven. Stainless steel is very conductive, so great for baking your pizzas and bread, easy to clean and virtually indestructible.

Use and care:

The steel has two holes to make gripping it when hot (through gloves!) easier.

Heat with the oven from cold to your preferred baking temperature, typically 220-300C. When the oven reaches temperature give the oven another 10 minutes or so to get the stone really thoroughly heated.

Dishwasher and detergent safe. Try to avoid scouring the steel as it is likely to be marked (although will still work).

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