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Stoate's Organic Rye Flour

Rye flour from the award-winning Stoates mill based in Dorset. Milled at Cann Mills in Dorset, this rye flour is excellent for rye bread, pumpernickel and sourdough. It is useful in white breads, at 5% of the total flour, to give a slightly nuttier taste.

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As low as £3.04 £3.04
In stock

Cann Mills

Used for making pumpernickel, sour doughs and other rye breads. Especially popular on the Continent, but increasingly more so here. Our rye grain is specifically selected for bread making. Stoneground and produced as wholemeal, it is ideal to use on its own or blended with other bread making flours. Produced by fifth generation Stoates family millers based in Dorset, the award winning rye flour is stoneground and very good in pumprnickel, sourdough an rye breads. We also use it blended with other flours for added flavour and texture. Specially selected by Stoates for bread baking, add 5% to your white bake or 10-15% to a wholemeal loaf.