BakeryBits Hand-Thrown Sourdough Pot - FREE starter

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Stoneware pottery holds its contents at a steady temperature, is less affected by the fluctuations of the environment around it (than plastic or metal) and has long been the preferred traditional material for fermentation containers. Now you can keep your sourdough starter in a mini version with our bespoke lidded pots handmade in Somerset by craftsman Matt Waite. These hand-thrown pots are ideal for storing your precious sourdough starter and make a beautiful gift as well.

Each pot has a lovely printed gift box to keep it safe and with each pot we include a FREE sachet of our wheat sourdough starter.

Glazed inside in duck-egg blue and plain on the outside with a very tactile shape, made from Cornish stoneware clay, the pots hold around 600ml (they vary a little - they're hand-thrown), 11cm wide and 14cm high including its drop-on lid. The pot feels very pleasing to hold, fitting the shape of your hand comfortably, and looks impressive whether on your shelf or in the fridge.



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