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The Priors Organic Wholemeal Flour

The Prior's Wholemeal Flour is made from Mulika Wheat and has a protein level of 14%.

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The Prior's Wholemeal Flour from Foster's Mill is made using French Burr Stones which produces a fine meal. The bran is chopped up, but typically more intact than in flour produced by the roller milling process. 


Foster's Mill Flour Specification
Name of Flour:

Prior's Stoneground Wholemeal Flour


Mulika Wheat 

Certified Organic: Yes

Grain from Home Farm, Wimpole Hall, Cambridgeshire

% Protein:

14% = Strong Flour

Granularity: Fine

Wholemeal Pastry, Sourdough, Yeasted Breads (not suitable for very high protein breads such as ciabatta)

Baking Comments:

The stoneground milling process leaves the starch in the flour more intact than in roller milled flour. As a result the flour take up less water - be prepared to reduce the amount of water stated in the recipe you are using to compensate