USA Pan Italian Loaf Pan - 2 Flute

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The USA Pan 2-loaf perforated non-stick "Italian Loaf" Pan provides an easy way to bake warm, fresh Italian (ciabatta-style) bread. The two flutes are perforated to allow heat circulation around each loaf. In addition, the aluminium-steel conducts heat evenly and stands up to heavy use. 

The Americoat, non-stick layer is unsurpassed in food release and easy cleaning. It is FDA-approved food safe and cuts down on oils and cooking spray. It is a proprietary silicone coating that is clear, non-stick and is specifically formulated for superior release and easy clean-up. Americoat Plus© does not contain PTFE or PFOA.

The fluted surface typical of all USA Pans was designed by USA Pan to maximise pan strength, resist warping, and increase the pan’s durability. The fluted surface also facilitates air circulation which translates to a more evenly baked product that releases easily.

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