USA Pan Popover Pan - 6 Well

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The USA Pan Popover Pan helps you bake 6 delicious, light and fluffy popovers with that signature high-rise you’re looking for at home. Popovers, so-called because they literally pops-over the top of the pan while it expands in the oven. Currently very popular for making tall morning buns (typically spiral cinnamon buns) and originally used for making batter-based bakes such as Yorkshire puddings. These pans are very versatile for both sweet and savoury bakes - and for making something look extra special.

Each of the 6 cups measure 2.75" (top diameter), 1.875" (bottom diameter) and 2.44" high (7cm, 4.75cm by 6cm high).

USA Pan's Americoat Plus© is a proprietary silicone coating that is clear, non-stick and is specifically formulated for superior release and easy clean-up. Americoat Plus© does not contain PTFE or PFOA.

The fluted surface typical of all USA Pans was designed by USA Pan to maximise pan strength, resist warping, and increase the pan’s durability. The fluted surface also facilitates air circulation which translates to a more evenly baked product that releases easily.

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