Netherton Foundry Black Iron 12" Griddle Plate

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Another very high quality product from Netherton Foundry in Shropshire, this is a 12" griddle plate made from 6mm iron. It can be used for all kinds of griddling from crumpets to pizzas. The plate has been pre-seasoned and so it ready to use. It may be used on all types of hob, grills, ovens and open fires. (The crumpets are for scale only).

The plate itself is 12" / 30cm diameter, with the handles, it extends to 15.5" / 39.5cm and weighs 3.7kg.

Usage and Care

If using the griddle on a powerful or induction hob, heat slowly to ensure that it retains its flatness. Do not drop a hot pan in water as this will buckle it. Once the plate has cooled, clean using a damp cloth then store away when fully dry.


Easy: simply wipe over with a light vegetable oil (not olive or nut oil), put into an oven and take the temperature up to 250C and keep there for one hour.

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