Netherton Foundry Prospector Roasting Tray (38x33cm)

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The Netherton Prospector Pan is a robust yet lightweight (2.5kg ) tray with a wide rim and carrying handles - perfect for oven-to-table cooking whether using an indoor oven, outdoor oven or open fire. It's ideal for outdoor summer baking, try it for focaccia, roasting potatoes, lasagne - the list is long.

Hand-welded corners make each pan unique and as always, beautifully highlighted with two of Netherton's trademark brass rivets.

Cut and bent from 1/12" (2mm) thick durable 99.1% pure black iron sheet, the large cooking surface is great for roasting in the oven, on all hob types and even using on the barbecue or open fire. Imagine the campsite envy!

The pan comes pre-seasoned with Organic Sussex flax oil for immediate use - no chemicals or PTFE.


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