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Farine Biologique T150 (French Organic Wholemeal Flour)

Organic wholemeal flour (T150) from Foricher in France. Milled by one of France's foremost mills, this flour is suitable for use in traditional bread making.

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Foricher Les Moulins

T150 is wholemeal, stoneground flour from organic wheat by one of France’s foremost mills, Foricher. For use in traditional bread making.

T150 is milled from the whole grain, producing a smooth, silky flour containing finer bran particles. This one is a great choice for sourdough baking – allowing the grassy, aromatic grassy flavours of the flour to be balanced by the acidity of the sourdough. It is a very reactive flour, full of enzymes, and makes a loaf with a good crumb.

Download the Foricher recipe booklet to get started with this flour.

Protein: >11%

Ash: >1.4%

Allergens: for allergens including those containing gluten see ingredients marked in bold.

Ingredients: wheat flour, wheat bran