Foricher Brun de Plaisir CRC T150 (French Wholemeal Flour)

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Brun de Plaisir CRC T150 (French Wholemeal Flour) is wholemeal, rollermilled flour from soft wheat by one of France’s foremost mills, Foricher. It has achieved both CRC and the French Red Label for quality and traceability. For use in traditional bread making.

T150 is a silky flour with larger particles of bran. It is carefully blended from different wheat varieties to allow you to produce doughs with good gluten structure and extensibility. The flavours are slightly spicy and almost grassy, due to the bran content. But the texture is smooth, and breads baked with this flour are soft and not too chewy. We recommend a good long autolyse when using this flour (at least 2 hours), to ensure it has time to absorb the water properly.

Ash: >1.4%

Ingredients: wheat flour, wheat bran, wheat gluten, enzyme (alpha-amylase)

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French CRC Flour: quality flour from France

French CRC Flour: quality flour from France
It’s common today for millers to tell you about the way grain is grown and the accreditation they have for making the claims they do – such as Soil Association, Organic Farmers & Growers, Red Tractor, for example – as many of us do care about how grain is grown, the pesticides and herbicides used, and how this affects agriculture, the land and biodiversity. Increasingly, the issue of ... Read more

Recipe: Pain Complet with Honey

Recipe: Pain Complet with Honey
In France a “Pain Complet” is almost what we would call a wholemeal loaf. However, the flour used is typically slightly more refined: often roller milled without the wheat germ, resulting in a bread with a rich dark crumb colour, but a rather lighter texture than our regular 100% wholemeal bread, yet maintaining a bold bran flavour. This means that if you want to add other ingredients ... Read more

Recipe: Honey cake with fresh ginger and sourdough

Recipe: Honey cake with fresh ginger and sourdough
This recipe has grown out of one I wrote back in 1998 for my first book, “Baking with Passion”, where I was making a honey cake and wanted it to have a fresh bright ginger flavour. The bran-rich nuttiness of the Foricher’s Farine Complet T150 Brun de Plaisir flour suits this cake to a tee and helps to make a mixture that's high in natural fructose and glucose more stable, as the bran soaks ... Read more
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