Marriage's Organic Stoneground Strong Wholemeal Bread flour

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WH Marriage's Organic, Stoneground Strong Wholemeal flour has been stoneground using traditional French Burr stones, keeping all the nutrition from the grain. Ideal for wholemeal bread and rolls, sourdough and bread makers.

For a summary of the nutritional information, see the full description.

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Recipes and Guides

Torsten's Sourdough Pumpkin Croissants

Pumpkin croissant dough being rolled
Torsten's Sourdough Pumpkin Croissants using a Dough Sheeter Great customers don't grow on trees but this one actually grows them. Torsten Junker of family-run "Junker's Nursery" not at all far from us in Wellington grows the kind of trees literally fit for a king. He's also an accomplished home baker and has been trying out one of our Japan Kneader Dough Sheeters to make, Sourdough Pumpkin ... Read more

Malted Chocolate Stout and Cinnamon Cake

Malted Chocolate Stout and Cinnamon Cake
A rich and gently-malted chocolate cake with a hint of stout beer and cinnamon. Plus, it uses a mix of white and stoneground wholemeal flour so the crumb has a slightly rough texture that tastes really good. Makes 1 deep 7” diameter round cake (that can be sliced horizontally and filled), or 1 thinner 8” diameter round cake (for a layer of cake)Method Butter the inside of a 7” ... Read more

Stay-soft white, rye and wholemeal milk loaf

Stay-soft white, rye and wholemeal milk loaf
This is an easy bread to make by hand that stays very soft for days without turning crumbly, making it for me a perfect sandwich loaf. For the flour I used 2/3rds roller-milled white flour and 1/3rd stoneground rye and wholemeal which gives you a great flavour and higher fibre than a regular white flour, but still keeps it light-textured. If you're looking for a Japanese-style extra-soft white ... Read more
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