Chicago Metallic Professional Sponge Tin 8" (glazed)

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Chicago Metallic makes the most durable, hard-wearing baking pans available, designed for heavy use in a catering environment. This 8" diameter sponge pan is made from uncompromising heavy-weight aluminium-steel. The weight of the pan ensures not only a long life but even baking and it will hold its shape. The Chicago Metallic glazed pans are coated with AmeriCoat Silicone Glaze, a tough non-Teflon non-stick coating that is highly effective and long-lasting.

Dimensions: 8" or 20cm diameter. 2" or 5cm high.

Use: grease with a light vegetable oil

Care: handwash - for details, download the use and care guide.

Note: this pan is extremely tough, made for commercial kitchens. The silicone glaze is highly effective but can have light scratching - it's not faulty, it's just that this coating is about function more than appearance.

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