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The Handmade Loaf by Dan Lepard

The revised 2017 editiion of Handmade Loaf by Dan Lepard - the perfect book for getting started in the art of sourdough bread making.

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Golspie LoafThis is the get-started with artisan bread-baking. Dan Lepard is rated as one of the top bakers, being in demand all over the world. This book provides a gentle and interesting lead-in to artisan or sourdough bread baking. Recipes from all-over the world are presented with mouth-watering photographs and lots of detail to help make sure you get started on the right track in the world of sourdough bread baking.

Dan Lepard's book has had a huge impact on the growth of artisan bread baking in the UK and overseas. There is a very active forum on his website, discussing all aspects of the book, including advice and experiences shared from novices and experts.



Publisher's Note

The Handmade Loaf is a charming collection of recipes, personal stories and photographs captured by legendary baker Dan Lepard on his travels around Europe in search of the very best bread and home bakers. First published to critical acclaim in 2004 this delightful book travels through Russia, Denmark, the Ukraine, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, France, Italy and the UK, where Dan has watched, lived and worked intimately with the very best bakers in order to bring back his own recipes, which are inspired by their very best breads.

Here are over 80 irresistible recipes that look afresh at the traditional methods and ingredients employed by the European baker. Dan has brought together a mouth-watering and varied range of breads, buns, muffins, wafers, loaves and cakes to inspire us. From a simple Quick white loaf to a more complicated Light caraway rye bread, from small buns which are made using Scrumpy to a Red wine loaf with pine nuts and figs. There are recipes using fruit such as Cherry, fennel and rye loaf to breads using spices such as the Sweet Saffron Bread and those using butter and dairy products such as Flaky butter buns.

With both practical and innovative direction, this book will appeal to both experienced bakers and a new generation of home cooks who want to embrace a new wholesome way of baking and cooking.

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