Cornish Sea Salt Smoked Flakes, 50g

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Cornish Sea Salt Smoked Flakes, oak, apple and cherry wood smoked Cornish sea salt, perfect when sprinkled over fish or meat, added to stews or excellent on jacket potatoes.

The Cornish Sea Salt Company has developed a very natural process that blends age-old traditions with some innovative and energy-efficient technology which has no effect on the marine ecology or environment.

Cornish sea salt crystals melt in the mouth and add real flavour intensity to your bread and any other foods you like to make. Pure sea salt retains over sixty naturally-occurring essential trace elements and has an intensity of flavour that delivers more taste for less salt, making it a tastier and healthier alternative to traditional table salt.

This variety of Cornish sea salt has been smoked over apple and cherry wood for a naturally sweet and aromatic smokiness.

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