Welcome to our BakeryBits Christmas 2022 gift guide. It's a different world today and we know you need both luxury gifts that will amaze you and your loved ones, as well as small treats that are fun and inexpensive. So start with our Tantalising Top 10: gifts for any baker guide, or scroll down below that for our Top 10 for a Tenner (or under) guide.

A Tantalising Top 10: gifts for any baker

DeSh~Stoom Oven Steamer: £57.24
Great little gadget for adding steam to your oven

BakeryBits Handmade Oak & Stainless Steel Dough Cutter: £35.95
For the cleanest and sharpest way to cut your dough this is the business.

Handmade English Oak Breadboard 41x25cm: £67.20
The most beautiful bread board we’ve seen, the perfect way to showcase your best breads.

BakeryBits Walnut Twist Puck Lame: £29.40
A gorgeous disc of wood that will securely hold a razor blade for slashing dough, such a great gift.

BakeryBits Medium Waist Waxed Cotton Baker's Apron Gift Set: £84.00
Exceptional linen crafted into a beautiful apron, together with a linen bread bag and an oven cloth.

Ankarsrum Assistent Food Mixer: £648.00
The powerhouse domestic mixer, from cakes, bread, dough, mincing, pasta, so many possibilities and attachments.

Brød & Taylor Folding Proofer & Slow Cooker FP-205: £178.99
Keep your dough rising at the perfect temperature easily at the touch of a button. 

IGF Fornitalia 3100/Minima 5MI7L 5kg Spiral Mixer-Light Blue: £1,490.76
The most powerful pro-quality tabletop mixer we have, create smooth elastic doughs with confidence like an expert. 

Netherton Foundry Spun Iron Cloche: £119.74
A beautiful British-made steel dome to bake your loaves under, keeping them rising with steam in your oven. 

Mockmill 200 Flour Mill with FREE GRAIN worth up to £27: £351.94
Easily mill your own flours, and create new flavours and mixtures easily from almost any grain.

Top 10 for a Tenner (or under): small gifts and budget treats

New plastic scraper: £2.28
Why: super useful, makes getting the dough out of the bowl a cinch, now more tearing it out with your fingers.

Dough scoring knife: £2.16
Still a best seller and for good reason: lightweight to hold, and the blade stays incredibly sharp after at least 20+ uses.

BakeryBits Madagascan Whole Pod Vanilla Powder, 13g: £10:00
Vanilla is love in ingredient form, I swear, and this powder creates a woomph of flavour in your dough, custards and creams.

Extra Spicy Ginger Oil: £10.00
If you're not a fan of powdered ginger but need a ginger hit in your baking then this does the trick, new and exciting.

Handmade Heavy-Duty Stainless Crumpet Ring: £5.98
You really need to buy two but one can be fun. Perfect for crumpets, muffins, even perfect circular fried eggs!

1kg / 2.2lb Shallow Oval Cane Proofing Basket: £7.20
Excite the newbie baker in your life with a new proofing basket, or just get an extra one as a gift.

Traditional 3lb or 1350g Double-Coated Non-Stick Tin: SALE £4.69
A 2lb loaf is lovely BUT a 3lb one…even better. Because a bigger loaf means even more great bread!

Chicago Metallic Professional Sponge Tin 7" (glazed): SALE £9.19
These a beautiful deep tins, and the coating inside makes them very easy to clean.

Pocket Scale JZ115 (115g x 0.01g): £9.32
For salt, yeast, saffron, spices, or any minute measurements you need in the kitchen…then these are a must.

GI Metal LineaPro Heavy-Duty Non-Scratch Dough Cutter: £6.60
Chop your dough easily into pieces without scratching your worktop. Well-made and super practical.