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Farine de Gruau CRC T45 Red Label Bagatelle (French Croissant and Brioche Flour)

Farine de Gruau T45 from Foricher is an excellent French flour for croissant and brioche

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As low as £2.25 £2.25
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As low as £2.25 £2.25
In stock

Foricher Les Moulins

Farine de Gruau T45 is taken from the very finest and whitest flour from the first stages of the roller-milling process, milled from soft wheat by one of France’s foremost mills, Foricher. It is ideal for enriched doughs such as croissants and brioche and has achieved both CRC and the French Red Label for quality and traceability. (See the FAQ for more about these two marks).

Gruau T45 is roller milled to produce a very fine and pure flour. The flour is a blend of at least four high protein wheat varieties. Careful selection and blending ensures that the flour is of a consistently high quality, so you can be sure that your baking will be perfect, time after time.

Choose T45 for baking the finest croissants, brioche and other enriched doughs. The flour itself has a neutral flavour, allowing all the flavours developed through the sourdough process, and those from the butter, sugar and other ingredients to shine through.


Protein: >12%

Ash: 0.39-0.45%

Hagberg: >230sec

W: >250

P/L: 0.7 – 1.5


Allergens: for allergens including those containing gluten see ingredients marked in bold.

Ingredients: wheat flour