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Vital Wheat Gluten

Add some gluten to your weaker flour to give it some extra strength for added lift and workability. Produced in Europe, a useful ingredient for challenging flours.

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As low as USD$2.59 USD$2.59
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As low as USD$2.59 USD$2.59
In stock

Vital wheat gluten, produced in Europe, for pepping up a weaker flour or to give your loaf a little more oomph. Good especially if you need a lower strength flour to have more lift, such as a spelt or heritage flour.

To increase the % gluten to increase the protein in a typical bread flour by 2%:

  1. Suggested gluten dosage: 2% of flour by weight (20g gluten/1000g flour)
  2. Protein increase: for each 1% gluten added, the protein increases by approximately 0.7%
  3. Add the same weight of water as gluten added (add 20g water for every 20g gluten)

Allergens: Ingredients containing allergens including gluten see highlights in bold

Ingredients: Wheat gluten