BakeryBits Sunflower Seeds - For Breads and Salads

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Sunflower seeds make ideal for topping breads and rolls, for adding to doughs, biscuits and salads.
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Mendiants, Puddles of Chocolate Christmas Confections

What exactly are Mendiants? Mendiants have quirky roots in France from the Middle Ages. They were part of the Provençal tradition with toppings denoting the original robes of the four Mendicant order of friars. Today they are a well-loved tradition in many a French household and if you try making these they could be a firm favourite in yours. Mendiants are commonly eaten over the Christmas ... Read more

Recipe: Pumpkin Soup

Recipe: Pumpkin Soup
This soup pairs perfectly with our Pumpkin Bread recipe or works well as a stand alone for whatever bread you have to hand to mop up the last remnants from the bowl after eating. I like to experiment with different types of pumpkins as they give different results. Some of my favourites are Crown Prince, Turban, Butternut and the Hubbards, both Golden and Blue. These all have different taste ... Read more

Recipe: Seeded Country-Style Tin Bread

Recipe: Seeded Country-Style Tin Bread
A simple but delicious sandwich loaf full of seeds together with the flavour of stoneground flour. Very quick to make, and often this can cause the crumb to be drier, but here the seeds hold in some moisture – especially the linseed – and this creates a crumb that stays soft for days. Toasts very well, and perfect for a hearty sandwich. Makes one large tin loaf  Method Put the ... Read more

Somerset Farmhouse Sandwich Loaf: Onion, Apple & Cheddar

Somerset Farmhouse Sandwich Loaf: Onion, Apple & Cheddar
Good morning bakers! It feels like Autumn is officially here, I have the heating on in measured doses, though I’m trying to introduce scarf and hat wearing “inside the house” as a thing. It’s the season when I’m all for comfortable baking: having all the tools at hand to make my baking stress-free. Maybe that’s what I liked when I discovered BakeryBits years ago - that they sold home ... Read more
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