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Gilchester Organic Emmer Flour

Emmer is an ancient cereal now available from Gilchester Organics, grown in Northumberland. This is a an ancient wholemeal flour good for a wide range of applications including bread, cakes and pasta.

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As low as £4.05 £4.05
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As low as £4.05 £4.05
In stock

Gilchester Organics

Emmer was the main cereal grain grown and consumed in the Bronze and Iron Age settlements and is the result of cross-pollinating Einkorn grain with a wild grass, which created a larger, squarer seed head than previously known crops. Find out more about Emmer.

A mildly sweet flour flavour, this wholemeal flour produces delicious loaves of bread, cake and biscuit baking. Try it also for fresh pasta.

Ingredients in bold contain gluten

Ingredients: Emmer flour