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Organic Buratto Type 2 Flour

Buratto Type 2 - a very versatile flour containing live wheat germ for a tasty, blonde bread.

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As low as USD$5.45 USD$5.45
In stock

Mulino Marino

Buratto Type 2 - stone-ground and very versatile, good for sourdough breads, focaccia and Pane Sciocco (see below). Very similar to the French T80, it contains an untreated live wheat germ which makes the smell and the taste much better, and produces a blonde, rather than white, dough. 

Here is a very simple traditional unsalted Tuscan bread, "Pane Sciocco" that uses this flour:

  • 1kg Organic Buratto Type 2
  • 700g water
  • 4g dried yeast

In Tuscany and Umbria bakers use 5g salt for every kg of flour (for improved gluten development) rather than 25g which is typical in bread dough.

Knead and then leave the dough to prove at 20°C for 2 hours, then shape into 2 loaves and prove for 3 hours at 25°C and then bake at 220°C.


Take a look at the guide to Mulino Marino flours and how to get the most from then here.



Flour Characteristics
Colour Blonde
Consistency Typical of the French natural stone-ground flour with live germ
Odour Typical of the French natural stone-ground flour with live germ, free from abnormal odor
Flavour Typical, not rancid, healthy, pleasant and live germ.


Technical Specification
W 270 - 290
P/L 0.55 - 0.65
Protein 14.50 - 15.50%
Moisture Level 15.50% (max)