Mulino Marino Organic Coarse Maize (Cornmeal), Ideal for Polenta

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Coarse maize polenta flour from famous Italian millers Mulino Marino, organic and stone-ground from "Ottofile" and "Marano" varieties of corn. For coarse polenta or for coating, for example halloumi.

To make polenta: heat 1 litre of water, just before it boils add 200g coarse cornmeal and whisk until boiling then simmer on very low heat for 20 minutes, covered, stirring occasionally.


Flour Characteristics
Colour Yellow with red particles of bran
Consistency Typical of natural stone-ground cornmeal
Odour Typical of stone-ground cornmeal with live germ and red bran, free from strange smells (mould, fermentation etc.)
Flavour Typical, not rancid, healthy, pleasant with live germ


Technical Specification
Moisture Level 15.50% (max)
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