Redbournbury Organic 85% Wholemeal Flour

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Redbournbury Mill Organic Stoneground 85% Wholemeal flour is ground using traditional grinding stones in their watermill. Milled from high quality organic wheats. Redbournbury organic 85% wholemeal flour is quite different from most wholemeal flours available. Firstly, it isn't 100% wholemeal (15% bran has been removed) and so is lighter, rises well and has a beautiful nutty flavour.

It is very finely stoneground which is great when using it in bread recipes as it doesn't puncture the dough so helping it rise better. It has a naturally sweet, nutty taste and bags of depth to the flavour. Some of us at BakeryBits use this as the regular (nearly) wholemeal flour as it works so well and tastes so good. Being 85% wholemeal it is of course unfortified as as well.

Ingredients: wheat flour

Redbournbury has had a mill for over 500 years and probably before the Domesday book was compiled. Today, Redbournbury sources it grain from local mills, typically within only a mile. Not only does Redbournbury Mill make a variety of stoneground flours, since 2006 it has also had a bakery, baking artisan loaves using the flour milled on site from grain grown down the road - crop-to-crust as was once the norm.

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