Redbournbury Organic Malted Wholegrain Flour

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The Redbournbury Mill organic stoneground malted wholegrain flour is made using the traditional, water-powered grinding stones in their watermill. The blend is made from 85% wholemeal wheat flour and organic malted wheat flakes to give a sweet, nutty flour with a delightful chewiness.

Ingredients: wheat flour, malted wheat flakes

Redbournbury has had a mill for over 500 years and probably before the Domesday book was compiled. Today, Redbournbury sources it grain from local mills, typically within only a mile. Not only does Redbournbury Mill make a variety of stoneground flours, since 2006 it has also had a bakery, baking artisan loaves using the flour milled on site from grain grown down the road - crop-to-crust as was once the norm.

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