Gilchesters Organics Emmer Grain, 3kg

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Gilchester organic emmer grain is grown on our organic farm and is ideal for your home milling and supplied in a 3kg bag, Gilchester Organics emmer grain is free of any enhancers or other additives and is excellent for making your home-milled stone-ground bread.

Gilchester grain goes through a rigorous cleaning process, however we cannot guarantee that there will not be tiny traces of other seeds which are natural in the organic farming process.

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Recipes and Guides

Wholegrain Tomato Soup Ⓥ

Wholegrain Tomato Soup Ⓥ
A rich, vibrant vegan tomato soup to suit those cold days when you need a hearty bowl of something comforting but not complicated. Here I’ve used one of the ancient grains available from BakeryBits, Einkorn, much as you would use pearl barley in a soup, but with a flavour that’s much more nutty and delicious.Makes 2 large servings, or 4 smaller bowls  Method Place the Einkorn or ... Read more

What is: Emmer Flour?

What is: Emmer Flour?
Emmer (Triticum dicoccum) is an 'ancient grain', native to parts of the Near East, where it formed part of the diet of hunter-gatherers before becoming domesticated by 7000BCE. It arose as a hybrid between a wild variety of einkorn and an annual goatgrass. It was cultivated in Britain by around 2000BCE, but almost universally it was eventually replaced by higher-yielding grain varieties, though it ... Read more
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