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Einkorn is the oldest cultivated wheat, having been grown for 1000s of years. It has a good flavour and can be used in breads and pizzas. Gilchesters Organics Einkorn grain supplied in a handy 3kg bag for your home milling.

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Wholegrain Tomato Soup Ⓥ

Wholegrain Tomato Soup Ⓥ
A rich, vibrant vegan tomato soup to suit those cold days when you need a hearty bowl of something comforting but not complicated. Here I’ve used one of the ancient grains available from BakeryBits, Einkorn, much as you would use pearl barley in a soup, but with a flavour that’s much more nutty and delicious.Makes 2 large servings, or 4 smaller bowls  Method Place the Einkorn or ... Read more

Recipe: Dark Malt Crown Loaf with Wholegrains & Cobnuts

Recipe: Dark Malt Crown Loaf with Wholegrains & Cobnuts
The beauty of malt powders, syrups and grains is how their complex flavours and colours occur directly from nature’s own transformation process. As grains sprout, sugars are created, then slow drying and toasting enhances their sweet flavour, and the result is malt. So in this loaf, whole grains and four different types of malt combine with cooked pumpkin and toasted hazelnuts to create the most ... Read more
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