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Flour is the core ingredient for your bake. We stock a really wide range of the very best flour, in lots of pack sizes, from artisan millers in the UK and Italy. There is something for every bake – and probably something new for you to try. Be sure to read the description for details of the texture, flavour and attributes of each flour.
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  1. Vital Wheat Gluten

    As low as £2.00 £2.00
  2. Viron Pastry and Croissant Flour T55 Gruau, 25kg
    37% off
  3. Matthews Dark Rye

    As low as £1.72 £1.72
  4. Matthews White Spelt

    As low as £3.26 £3.26
  5. Matthews Eight Grain

    As low as £2.26 £2.26
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Items 31-60 of 240